Switch to Dark Mode using Only CSS variables

Switch to Dark Mode using Only CSS variables

The easiest way to implement dark mode in your website or portfolio apps is by using CSS variables. In my portfolio app I relied on CSS variables to switch between dark & light mode.

I implemented this using SCSS as a commonStyle library for my personal portfolio. But a simplified version in CSS would look as below -


body {
  /* grey values */
  --grey1: #212122; /* darkest */
  --grey2: #333333;
  --grey3: #828282;
  --grey4: #bdbdbd;
  --grey5: #e0e0e0;
  --grey6: #f2f2f2;
  --grey7: white; /* lightest */

  --red: #eb5757;

  /* banner colors */
  --orange: #f2994a;
  --yellow: #f2c94c;
  --green: #27ae60;

  /* primary & accent color */
  --primary-color: var(--red);
  --accent-color: var(--orange);

  /* use variables to set colors as follows - */
  background: var(--grey7);
  color: var(--grey1);

/* reverse the color values for darkmode*/
body.darkmode {
  --grey1: white; /* lightest */
  --grey2: #f2f2f2; 
  --grey3: #e0e0e0;
  --grey4: #bdbdbd;
  --grey5: #828282;
  --grey6: #333333;
  --grey7: #212122; /* darkest */

The color values will switch as soon as you append darkmode class to the body element.

here is the VS code + color highlight plugin version of the same code - Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 2.46.26 PM.png

The only pending part now is to append the darkmode class to the body when you click on the darkmode toggle button. In JS you can use -

function toggleButtonHandler() {

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